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Augmented Reality Creation Platform

Dive into advanced AR creation with ARLOOPA's Augmented Reality Creation Platform. Explore how our AR solutions revolutionize your business, education, and marketing. Schedule a live demo now to unlock the power of augmented reality for your success.


Marker - Based AR

The Marker - Based AR (image tracking) tool lets users scan specific markers through the app, unlocking an immersive AR experience. Seamlessly blending physical and digital realms, it creates an interactive encounter.


Location - Based AR

Location - Based AR tool lets users create personalized AR content tied to specific locations, visualized through the ARLOOPA Map. This feature provides a unique, location-specific augmented reality experience enriched by custom digital creations.

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Endless Possibilities

We offer versatile solutions for various industries, revolutionizing experiences and interactions, making the extraordinary achievable — AR for...

Interactive Learning

Another field in which AR can be a changer is interactive learning, or, more commonly, publishing businesses and the book industry. AR can easily be integrated into the educational field, adding triggers on printed materials, such as books, manuals, and flashcards, making the learning experience faster, easier, and more immersive.

Print Media

When you think about ROI and analytics, print media are always a pain in the neck but AR allows businesses to get ROI even from flyers, posters, and every kind of offline printed advertising. In addition to this, AR can also be interesting for what concerns books, brochures, and catalogs.


For industry segments in which the competition bar is set very high, it could be tough to differentiate a product from the many others on the market. Here’s where AR comes into play.

Product Visualization

ARLOOPA can be a very effective tool for product visualization, allowing customers to see and experience products. AR enables customers to visualize a product in their own environment, giving them a better sense of how the product will look, feel, and fit in their space.

Product Instructions

Product instructions are often dull, mistranslated, and hard to interpret. With AR technology it is effortless to add a marker in handbooks or even stickers and signals. Everything the users have to do is to scan it with a smartphone.


ARLOOPA can enhance the experience of interacting with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By integrating AR technology into NFTs, creators can provide a more immersive and engaging experience for users.


AR makes it possible to visit any place and access all kinds of information, offering the most complete and satisfactory experience for any tourist.

White Label

White Label App

We are set to develop a white-label application that aligns perfectly with our client's brand and design preferences.

Utilizing the ARLOOPA Studio, our client will have the capability to generate personalized AR content. This content can be seamlessly experienced and interacted with through their dedicated application.

User Feedbacks

I have met with the ARLOOPA team and their technology, all the dynamics, enthusiasm, creativity, and productivity that an artist can hope for if he projects himself into the future. With exceptional listening, responsiveness and talent, they know how to put at your service the real tools of the creators of the future. Their tools, their professionalism and their competence have helped me to advance my art to a level of expression never before reached, I thank them very much.


Alain MARC


ARLOOPA app has become like a bridge that brings my digital art into reality. I've struggled countless times to work within VR and enjoy it with numerous audiences simultaneously. The AR technology of ARLOOPA app has resolved these struggles for me, turning my work into something that more people can enjoy simultaneously in the real world, rather than just in the digital realm. Thank you.


Lee JheHyuck

VR Artist

ARLOOPA Studio is indeed a helpful tool for creating AR content. It provides a user-friendly platform that enables creators to develop immersive and interactive augmented reality experiences. ARLOOPA's support for both iOS and Android platforms played a significant role when we chose to use Arloopa. Collaboration and teamwork are indeed crucial elements in the successful deployment of innovative technologies like augmented reality. Acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of the ARLOOPA team in creating and implementing Oceanarium Melaka AR content.


Ken Choo

Manager at Coral Wonderland Sdn Bhd

ARLOOPA, thank you for existing! The efficiency combined with the user-friendly interface of ARLOOPA reflects the clarity and full competence with which the entire team are designing, working, and managing all the opportunities suggested by Augmented Reality, which with ARLOOPA become tangible reality! From building mapping experiments to virtual postcards, ARLOOPA ensures continuity and stability... unmatched!


Marzio Ghezzi

Co-Founder at RealXReal

I cannot praise the team at ARLOOPA enough. We received so much technical assistance in both the development and implementation of our recent project here in Australia - our first major work in AR. From our early experiments the team was always there for us - and gave generously of their time to help us above and beyond our expectations. They gave us a level of personal attention and care that is rare in the digital age. I cannot think of where I have received better service from a digital media company.


Peter Kennard

Blue Mountains Australia

I am proud to say I have been a client and user of the ARLOOPA app, since its early inception. The team at ARLOOPA has developed a product that exceeds expectations and continues to leave my audience in awe. As a filmmaker, visual, and digital artist, I always push my creative limits to find new ways to present my work. The ARLOOPA studio is an amazing tool offering users options and creative assistance in executing a project. My augmented reality exhibitions have become the highlight of my creative endeavors and ARLOOPA has been instrumental in my success.


Zaire Baptiste

Creative Director/ Idea Curator

We had the pleasure of collaborating with the ARLOOPA team on a few augmented reality projects, and the support they provided was exceptionally professional. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with ARLOOPA again!


Naser Zamani

Founder of CreativiTek

We had the pleasure of collaborating with the ARLOOPA team on a few augmented reality projects, and the support they provided was exceptionally professional. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with ARLOOPA again!


Assistant Professor Dr. Numtip Trakulmaykee

AR Project Leader of Old Songkhla Fortress

We had the privilege of working with the ARLOOPA team recently on two Augmented Reality projects. The team were very impressive to work with. Not only were they professional, knowledgeable, creative and proficient, but also a delight to work with. The ARLOOPA's each member goes far and beyond the standard to make sure that, not only you're happy as a customer, but that the product being produced is the best it can be. Even after our project came to an end, we've decided to purchase the ARLOOPA Studio app for future use and love exploring this new, innovative and creative platform.


Yeva Manucharyan

Founder of AnahitCo

I feel privileged to recommend ARLOOPA Inc. AR/VR development services. Aram Khachaturian Museum has had the pleasure to work with the ARLOOPA team in the past two years, during which period we have jointly implemented a range of innovative projects. Each collaboration with the ARLOOPA team has been a pleasure due to their professional and friendly approach. They always observed the deadlines and did their best to deliver beyond what was expected.


Armine Grigoryan

Director of Aram Khachaturian Museum

The Russian Art Museum of Yerevan collaborated with ARLOOPA on building an immersive project based on one of the most famous paintings of the museum. Our goal was to equip the museum with the modern technological solutions and make it more appealing for visitors. While sourcing for an AR/VR development company to handle the task, I sought quality, professionalism and affordability. ARLOOPA combined all the three. By placing your bet on this firm, you stand to join a long list of happy clients.


Marine Mkrtchyan

Director of Russian Art Museum

I had the pleasure of working with ARLOOPA to implement a virtual gallery project for Ervand Kochar Museum in Yerevan. Responsible, punctual and extremely professional, the ARLOOPA team was one of the best technology teams we’ve ever collaborated with, and I absolutely endorse their qualification and skill set. I was continuously impressed by the knowledge they brought to the table and their dedication to staying on top of the latest in the field.


Karine Kochar

Director of Ervand Kochar Museum

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Alabama State Univerity
Lynn University
North Carolina
NorthSide School
Philip Morris
Brussels Airlines


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3D Library

Users can seamlessly integrate public 3D animations into their environment, adding a touch of creativity and magic to their surroundings.



Users can scan previously activated images, instantly revealing linked digital content for an enhanced and interactive experience.



By physically being at particular locations, users can explore the map and access digital content linked to those specific spots.


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